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Health Insurance

Health Insurance | Spicer & Associates - Fort Wright, KY

Many people are still without health insurance today. Whether it’s not offered at their employment or they have a pre-existing condition, whatever the...

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Life Insurance

Life Insurance | Spicer & Associates - Fort Wright, KY

Life insurance provides for loved ones in the event of death. Life insurance is a contract between the insured, which is the policy holder, and an...

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Annuities | Spicer & Associates - Fort Wright, KY,KY

In Fort Wright, KY, Spicer & Associates takes pride in providing the community with affordable insurance products. Spicer & Associates understands the...

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Welcome To Spicer & Associates

The primary purpose of life insurance is to financially take care of our dependents when we die. The money is an important resource for our family. It helps cover funeral costs, pay mortgages and provide the funds to run the household. Life insurance plans are used so our families aren’t burden with any debt.

In the Fort Wright, KY area, there are a variety of insurance companies and plans to choose from. Instead of shopping around yourself, Spicer & Associates have already compared insurance policies so you don’t have to.

Spicer & Associates offers two types of life insurance plans.

• Term Life Insurance
• Universal Life Insurance

The proper coverage can make all the difference in the world to the loved ones you leave behind. Spicer & Associates competitive life insurance products can provide security for you and your family. They are there to help you every step of the way.

Spicer & Associates offers competitive health insurance plans in the event of a sickness or injury. There are multiple policies to choose from for each individual need and situation. Health insurance plans are a solution to rising and recurring medical expenses. Medical insurance is usually offered through employment. Due to part-time hours or previous medical conditions, medical insurance may be difficult to obtain. Spicer & Associates allows people to compare insurance plans.

Insurance annuities are primarily used for securing an individual’s cash flow during their golden years. Premiums are set to grow the funds for later disbursement. Spicer & Associates offers insurance annuities to meet the financial expectations for the future.

Don’t just sign up for any insurance policy without reviewing all of the choices. Explore the options that Spicer & Associates offers this week!

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