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Annuities | Spicer & Associates - Fort Wright, KY

In Fort Wright, KY, Spicer & Associates takes pride in providing the community with affordable insurance products. Spicer & Associates understands the financial hardships people endure. The agents take pride in offering annuities to the citizens of Fort Wright, KY to aide in the planning and execution of their financial plans.

At retirement age, social security would be available to help with the cost of living. Is it enough? After retiring, people are able to enjoy the remainder of the years they have left. This should be enjoyed worry-free. That’s why it’s imperative to start planning early to have a descent financial future. Investing in annuities from Spicer & Associates will aide in achieving your financial goals.

Start by speaking with an agent from Spicer & Associates. They will assist in discussing the best options for annuities to meet each individual’s goals for retirement. The monthly budget and future lifestyle of the retiree will determine the amount of the monthly premiums that need to be paid. The amount of the overall contribution will determine the distribution of monies.

There are two phases with annuities. The first phase is paying an initial premium. This is where money is collected and paid into the annuities account. The second phase consists of the insurance company paying out the money. The sum is paid out in predetermined intervals. Distributions may be taxable and/or penalized.

Spicer & Associates is able to discuss the IRS restrictions and how money can be withdrawn. They are able to advise people on how to protect their annuities and look forward to a bright financial future.

Enjoy the golden years. It’s never too late to start planning ahead. Contact Spicer & Associates to discuss retirement goals and the financial benefits of annuities. Get a jump start today!