Life Insurance

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Life Insurance

Life Insurance | Spicer & Associates - Fort Wright, KY

Life insurance provides for loved ones in the event of death. Life insurance is a contract between the insured, which is the policy holder, and an insurer. The insurer promises to pay a sum of money which is known as the benefits, in exchange for a monthly payment (premium), upon the death of the insured.

The policy holder usually pays the premium. The policy holder, if different from the insured, has to have an interest with the insured. For example, a person can’t just take a life insurance policy out on a neighbor, unless they were related. If a person cared for an elderly neighbor and helped them with paying bills, then there would be that common interest that would allow for a life insurance policy.

The community of Fort Wright, KY trusts Spicer & Associates for their life insurance needs. Spicer & Associates believes that life insurance should be an overall part of a person’s financial plan, taking into account the monthly premiums and the benefit upon the insured’s death.

Spicer & Associates is able to offer a line of competitive life insurance products, starting with universal and term life insurance. Universal and whole life insurance policies are designed to last your entire life, whereas term life insurance is designed to last for a specified number of years.

Spicer & Associates is the go to company for life insurance. In the event of a death, they are quick to pay the cash value of the life insurance to the beneficiary. They don’t put the extra burden on the survivor. They understand that bills will continue regardless of the situation.

Spicer & Associates gets to know their clients on a personal level. The agents take the time to listen attentively so that they know exactly what their client needs to protect their family. Visit Spicer & Associates to learn more about life insurance coverage.

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